What We Do

A Community Partnership

What we do depends on who needs shelter today and the circumstances. Who needs help navigating through the Social Security system? How can we help a family facing a five day eviction notice? It’s November and there’s men in need of a warm place to sleep. What we do is closely tied to who asks for our assistance.

We are caring profechild and social workerssionals. Now thirty years strong, we are repeatedly motivated by the moments of happiness and comfort. Holding someone’s hand, listening to stories, wiping away tears or soothing a child is as much a part of what we do as anything. These warm, caring gestures are often the thing that needs doing first.

We celebrate the successes of those who we help. Saving enough money to move into permanent housing, finding a job, a family united, volunteers who grow in their faith and through helping others are all the good “doings” that happen at Hebron House of Hospitality. It is one of the benefits of helping our Waukesha community and a constant motivation to provide support.