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Hebron Housing Services serves the community. One person at a time.




“Both I and other family members have supported Hebron House over the years – never realizing that I myself would ever be a guest! I feel fortunate to have had a safe and friendly environment to stay while I got back on my feet. Thank you for everything.”

Dean, HHS Guest

Restoring hope and dignity to those in need in our community, we are the oldest non-profit organization in Waukesha fully dedicated to providing emergency, short-term shelter and long-term housing solutions to individuals and families.


For each person we serve, we help our overall community.
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Meet our leadership

Our Board Members

picture of Ildiko Huppertz

Ildiko Huppertz, President

picture of Brigette Harenda

Brigette Harenda, Vice President

picture of Trevor Arnold

Trevor Arnold, Treasurer

picture of Aroon Viswanathan

Aroon Viswanathan, Secretary

picture of Katie Grasch

Katie Grasch

picture of Keith Harenda

Keith Harenda

picture of David Hollnagel

David Hollnagel

picture of Trina Jashinsky

Trina Jashinsky

picture of Cassie Rodriguez

Cassie Rodriguez

picture of John McGinnis

John McGinnis

picture of Paul Noran

Paul Noran

picture of Laurie Petersen

Laurie Petersen

Our Staff

picture of Kathleen Christenson Fisher

Kathleen Christenson Fisher, Executive Director

picture of Ric Leitheiser

Ric Leitheiser, Finance Manager

picture of Allie Reifschneider

Allie Reifschneider, Administrative Specialist

picture of Gina LaSusa

Gina LaSusa, Accounting Specialist

picture of Yvette Hernandez

Yvette Hernandez, Program Manager

picture of Dallis Wittenberg

Dallis Wittenberg, Fund Development Assistant

picture of Gabe Christenson

Gabe Christenson, Property Manager

picture of Adam Hurst

Adam Hurst, Youth Housing Program Manager

picture of Cassandra Holmes

Cassandra Holmes, Youth Housing Case Manager

picture of Jennifer Wick

Jennifer Wick, Coordinated Entry Specialist

picture of Addy Fahrenkrug

Addy Fahrenkrug, Fund Development Manager

picture of Jenn Hollingsworth

Jenn Hollingsworth, Jeremy Safe Haven Case Manager & Youth Systems Navigator

picture of Michael Candelaria

Michael Candelaria, Siena House Case Manager

picture of Heather Wilke

Heather Wilke, Juno House Case Manager

picture of Amanda Denning

Amanda Denning, Juno House Lead

Be part of the journey to help

Our team is made up of Case Managers, shelter staff and administrative support members who work each day to fulfill our mission. Consider a career, make a donation or volunteer with Hebron.