Safe Haven


Opened in 1997 a as a collaboration with the Mental Health Association, the National Alliance on Mental Illness and the Addiction Resource Council, Jeremy house provides transitional living for adult men and women experiencing homelessness and mental health issues.

The purpose of a “safe haven” is to give people experiencing homelessness and dealing with mental health issues a safe place to live while focusing on treatment and recovery.

The strategies we use to assist our guests to become independent and stable are: eliminating (through appropriate physical and medical treatment) as many factors as possible of the mental illness, working towards employment, achieving financial stability (may include applying for SSI) and/or securing the services of a representative payee.

Case managers assess physical and mental health, help guests apply for community Counselling and Supportservices and resources, address life style issues (diet, exercise, maintaining an appropriate appearance, socially acceptable behavior, etc.), and work with goals towards attaining permanent housing.




Space for services is limited and cannot meet the demand.  The system is overloaded.  There have been no additional services offered to offset the system backlog. Hebron House is supportive of the Community Clinic effort that was developed by ProHealth Care, called Waukesha Community Health Center.  National Alliance on Mental Illness has developed a peer support and Case Management program for persons with significant mental health issues to assist them in primarily maintaining permanent housing.


“Carol” is a 38 year old woman diagnosed with multiple mental illnesses.  Carol has been in the shelter system several times in the past.  Carol would often find herself in a cycle of abusive relationships and end up homeless over and over again.  Carol came to Jeremy House Safe Haven in April 2009, she was referred to mental health services.  While she was stablized on her medications she obtained part-time employment.  With the help of Jeremy House staff and Case Management she was approved for Social Security.  Carol maintained her employment and was able to save money for housing.  In October 2009 Carol secured housing in an apartment in Waukesha, and moved out into her own apartment for the first time in her life.