Case Management


All of our shelters are open during the COVID-19 crisis, and we have expanded our operating hours at the Siena House shelter to provide a safe place during the outbreak. If you need shelter, please go to the SHELTERS page of our website for information or call 262-549-8722.

We are actively seeking help from our community during this time of crisis. We need funding to expand our bed space and pay our staff most of all, but we also need supplies to keep our guests healthy, and hot meals delivered to the shelters. If you can help, please contact

Our most urgent items, other than cash donation, are:

  1. Rubber gloves

  2. Hand soap in any form

  3. All cleaning supplies, but especially disinfecting wipes and sprays

  4. Toilet paper – we have over 60 guests and are not able to order more due to shortages

  5. Paper towels

  6. Garbage bags

  7. Hand sanitizer

Our offices are closed until further notice, but our staff is still working and reachable by email. Stay safe!

Every day, our Case Managers connect homeless guests with the resources they need to overcome barriers to self-sufficiency.

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Here To Help

The mission of Case Management is to provide opportunities for people to establish individualized goals, make positive steps toward accomplishing those goals and eventually gain full capabilities of self sufficiency.

The role of our Case Managers

Every case is different. That’s why we’re on the same page.

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Create a plan

Work with each client to create an individualized plan to address their physical and emotional needs.

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Identify goals

Work with a household or individuals to assess and identify what resources are needed to reach goals.

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Assist in obtaining the needed resources.