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The Monthly Wish: May 2021

on May 1, 2021

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Your generosity powers our mission, so we’re making sure we use your gifts wisely. Here’s a wish-list of items for our shelters, updated monthly so you can see what we need most and where you can make the biggest impact.


This month we celebrate Mother’s Day, and we’re making a special effort to recognize moms in our shelters. Every homeless mom who stays with us is working toward a better life for her family. Being without a home on Mother’s Day can be especially heartbreaking, but you can make a difference.


We’re organizing a Mother’s Day brunch in our Juno House shelter, complete with gift bags and cards for the kids to give their moms. We’re also making bags for anyone in our shelters who can’t afford a gift or a card for their mom. The best part? They're made from generously donated items! Check them out: 





We’re also looking for volunteers to help beautify the Juno House porch, so if you’d like to  bring a brunch item or make the shelter pretty for Mother's Day, click here to sign up, or call or email Katlin Hahn at 262-522-1418, khahn@hebronhouse.org. You’ll make a mom’s day!


What else is new this month? Barbecues are new! We’re looking for supplies to help our guests enjoy cookouts as the weather warms up. In other fabulous news, we received an amazing gift of supplies this month, so our wish-list is shorter than it’s been since the pandemic began. Here’s this month's list:


We have an urgent and ongoing need for these items

30-gallon garbage bags

Wash cloths

Coffee, creamer, sugar in small bags

Bottled water


Dishwasher pods and laundry pods

Mop solution

Toilet bowl cleaner


We especially need these items in May

Charcoal, lighter fluid, barbecue tools (spatula, skewer, grill brush, etc)

Paper plates, napkins, plastic utensils

Ketchup, mustard, relish, hot dogs, buns

Outdoor furniture in like-new condition

Men’s belts

Unused shower curtain liners


Major impact items we need

Unused large freezers (we currently need 4)

Unused refrigerator with freezer (we currently need 2)

Unused dishwasher (we need 2)

Unused garbage disposer (1)


We don’t need any of these items right now

Disinfecting wipes








Items we unfortunately cannot ever accept

Used mattresses

Used bedding

Car seats

Food that is expired or within 2 weeks of expiring

Items that need to be picked up


We are so grateful for all of our friends and supporters who make our shelters a better place for our guests!


Your kindness changes lives. Please consider donating a one-time or monthly gift.



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