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The Monthly Wish: November 2021

on Nov 1, 2021

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Your generosity powers our mission, so we’re making sure we use your gifts wisely. Here’s a wish list of items for our shelters, updated monthly so you can see what we need most and where you can make the biggest impact.


Visit our Meal Train or email Matthew Wilkins at mwilkins@hebronhouse.org to find out even more ways you can get involved!


What’s new this month?

Laundry Detergent PODS:

We do lots of laundry between our three homes and pods are a perfect way to use the right amount of detergent for every load. We are constantly running out of laundry detergent.

Toilet Paper:

This is one of those ongoing items that we are always in need of. You don't think about it until you don't have any, so please help us not run out by donating :)


Keep reading for our November list...

We have an urgent and ongoing need for these items:

- 30 gallon-black garbage bags

- Men's and women's deodorant

- Dish soap

- Laundry detergent pods

- Toilet paper


We especially need these items right now:

- Fleece blankets

- Backpacks (adult and kids)

- Winter gloves

- Winter coats

- Winter boots (adult and kids)

- Crayons

- Coloring books

- Footie pajamas

- Measuring cups

- Toe warmers


Major impact items we need:

- Unused large freezers (we need 4)

- Unused refrigerator with freezer (we need 2)

- Unused dishwasher (we need 2)

- Unused garbage disposer (we need 1)


We don’t need any of these items right now:

- Clorox/sanitizing wipes

- Paper towels

- Dishwasher detergent pods


Items we, unfortunately, cannot ever accept:

- Kleenex

- Furniture

- Mattresses

- Food donations

- Knitted hats, gloves, etc.

- Children's toys

- Items that need to be picked up

- Clothing (Exceptions: Underwear, bras, and sweatpants)

       - Community partners that accept clothing:

                  - Hope Center

                  - Goodwill

                  - St. Vincent DePaul


We are so grateful for all of our friends and supporters who make our shelters a better place for our guests!


Your kindness changes lives. Please consider donating a one-time or monthly gift.



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