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In Memory of Rosemary

on Mar 9, 2021

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We lost a passionate volunteer, a generous donor, and one of our best friends when Rosemary Becker passed away unexpectedly on February 18th, 2021.  Rosemary’s unmatched compassion and dedication positively impacted our community for more than ten years.


Many of Rosemary’s days were spent at our men’s shelter, where she was known as the Siena House Angel. In addition to providing warm meals, she cared for every guest who walked through the door, talking with each as a friend and learning their individual stories. Hers was the rare gift of listening with an open heart, an aptitude much appreciated by Siena’s guests.


Rosemary was featured in our most recent newsletter for her active volunteering and her role in planning and funding a major remodel of Siena House. Her loss weighs heavily on our hearts, but her example inspires us to renew our commitment to the people we serve.



Rosemary lives on in the memories of her Hebron family, and we are forever grateful for our Siena House Angel.


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