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Introducing The Hebron Maintenance Fund

on Sep 9, 2020

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Operating three emergency shelters requires a tremendous amount of household and cleaning supplies to keep the men, women and children who stay with us safe. We've always appreciated the donations and overwhelming support from our donors and neighbors.


Because of the outpouring of kind gestures from the community asking how to help, Hebron Housing Services is establishing The Hebron Maintenance Fund. The goal of this fund is to allocate support and donations in the most efficient and effective direction to help us maintain and grow all of our shelters. Rather than dropping off goods that may be in surplus due to coincidence, we’ve made it easy to help us maintain our inventory of paper and cleaning products and more.


By donating a monetary gift instead of physical products, we are best able to direct funds to resupply and restock items as needed. We appreciate every single good, service and penny that has come our way in these trying times. 


Please consider donating a one-time or monthly gift. Thank you for all the support. Your kindness is what keeps a roof over our heads.



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