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A Mother’s Story: Returning Home

on Jun 9, 2021

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In 2021, Eureka’s life turned upside down. She and her children were facing homelessness in the midst of the pandemic and in the dead of winter.


Eureka was scared for her family, worried that her children might be split up, and uncertain about their future. Then, on February 17th, the family arrived at our Juno House shelter. Working with her Case Manager and shelter staff, Eureka soon regained stability while her children remained together and safe at Juno House.


With her determination and passion so clear, the entire staff was elated at the news two months later that Eureka and her family were returning to permanent housing. At the beginning of May, they moved into their own home once again!


On a recent call, a smile instantly came to my face as I could hear kids playing in the background when Eureka answered. Although their mom had them unpacking, there seemed to be more basketball playing and laughter going on than anything else! It was great to think of the kids’ excitement at having their own home once again, especially her son who just had his 8th birthday there!


Eureka talked with me about how there are still struggles, but she is proud to be where she is. She is happily settling in, growing her garden of morning glories and working down a list of still-needed house items such as pots & pans, kitchen table chairs, and dressers. (Yet, she secretly hopes she can do something extra special for the kids this summer such as a kiddie pool or tent!)


Overall, Eureka feels positive about her future and plans to stay in touch. She always asks how everyone is doing, wishing her Hebron family well. In the meantime, we are grateful to have met her, and absolutely overjoyed for the family returning to their own home.


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