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A Friendly Face is Recognized Anywhere

on Sep 9, 2020

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None of us could've made it through these past tumultuous months without the goodwill and hard work of those by our side. Of course, we counted on those we expected to be down in the trenches with us, but some unexpected friendly faces proved to be the biggest help of them all.


The Milwaukee branch of Hindu Swayamsevak Sangh provided incredible volunteer support during the peak of the COVID-19 crisis. Led by Shriram Khelkar and his wife, Anu, the branch coordinated a volunteer-driven hot meal program, raised cleaning supplies and provided masks to keep our shelters, guests and staff safe.


Shriram himself stepped up to work shifts in the shelters during the crisis, allowing us to continue to provide shelter around the clock to those in need. He is also currently organizing a group of volunteers to make masks for shelters like Hebron Housing Services and other human services organizations during this continued public health emergency.


These days, some faces may be hard to read under a mask. But a friendly face like Shriram and Anu's will always be recognized. Thank you to all of our volunteers, past and present.



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