Success Stories

A Family Finds a Home 

Mary and Joseph came into the shelter in the middle of the year. They had left everything they had in Indianapolis to come to Wisconsin, where family had promised to help them get settled, with the desire to create a better life for themselves. When they got here, the family members who had promised them a place to stay decided there wasn’t enough room.

arms around each other

Hebron House had room, but not until two days later. So, we provided the family with a voucher for two nights stay at a hotel, then moved them into our shelter. Within the next week, Joseph began looking for work and Mary got the kids settled and signed up for school. Both parents worked hard to find employment, research community resources and move towards permanent housing.

After a couple of months of working odd jobs, Joseph found a full-time job and Mary found a part-time job. Within two weeks they had saved enough money to move into their own apartment. As of today, the family is stable and very happy.

A Mother Redeemed 

Bethany came to our shelter just out of jail. She was trying to get custody of her son, find work and find herself. Bethany met, sometimes weekly, with case management and daily with shelter staff to finish budget counseling. 

Within four months, Bethany found work of 25-38 hours a week, connected with all support services including counseling, mentoring and sponsors. She regained not only visitation but full custody and placement with her son. She found a bus line for transportation. 

Bethany increased her hours to full time and began working with her father. She re-established strong ties with her family, reinstated her Drivers License and bought a car to help continue to become a productive member of the community. Despite the obstacles, Bethany has regained her life. She is now optimistic and thinking of trying to sell her homemade jewelry at local shops.