Our Team

We Are Hebron House

We are an emergency shelter for men, women and children every night of the year. We are warm meals, clean beds, showers, laundry facilities and a place to recoup. We are support services, caring social workers and case managers.

We are an experienced staff and dedicated volunteers committed to restoring families to homes and helping build a more stable community.

Meet Our Staff

Jackie Smith, Director of Program Compliance

Jackie graduated with her Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology from Ottawa University.  She also has her Associate’s Degree in Human Services from WCTC. Currently, Jackie is enrolled in a graduate program with Upper Iowa University.  Jackie started out as an intern in 2014 at Hebron House and then became a Shelter coordinator and transitioned to House Manager.  Jackie is married and has three young boys that keep her busy.  She enjoys spending time with her family, reading, traveling, a good country concert and trying new foods.

Kim Schuetz, Director of Shelter Operations

Kim graduated from Ottawa University with her Bachelor’s Degree in Human Services. She also has an Associate’s Degree in Human Services from Waukesha County Technical College. Kim began her journey at Hebron House of Hospitality’s Jeremy House Safe Haven and Siena House from August 2013 through May 2014 as in intern.  Throughout her time at Hebron House of Hospitality, Kim has served many roles between Assistant House Manager, Property Manager and Office Manager for both Hebron and Siena House.  In her free time, Kim peruses the animal shelters to rescue her next companion, spends time with her family and enjoys a good country music concert.

Yvette Hernandez, Case Manager
Yvette graduated from Ottawa University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Human Services. She also graduated from Walden University with a Master’s Degree in Forensic Psychology. Yvette started working for Hebron House as a Shelter Advocate and then in 2012 she became a case manager. One of her main goals is to provide support and resources to help clients obtain housing. Yvette helps to empower this population by finding ways to get clients to participate within their community by giving them a voice and at times being their voice. Yvette is family oriented, loves to ride her motorcycle, read books, travel, and engage in outdoor activities.

Callie Pauc, Case Manager

 Callie graduated from Ottawa University in 2015 with a bachelor’s degree in psychology, as well as a bachelor’s degree in Human Services. She began her master’s degree in clinical social work in 2016, but is currently taking time off to focus on her family. Callie is a mother to two lovely children that are the center of her life. She enjoys engaging in outdoor activities with her children, going to movie theaters, reading, taking road trips, and spending time with her family.



Board of Directors 
President: Katherine Andersen, Vice President: Jeff TeRonde, Treasurer: Jerome Garrett, Secretary: Trevor Arnold Board Members:  Bill Leech, Rachel Marjala, Gina Rehkemper, Pat Russell, Warren Widicus, Aroon Viswanathan.