probs solutsWe often find that people in need of assistance may not be aware of the programs that could help them or their families. Our Outreach Coordinator, Matt Wych, learns of people who need this sort of information through referrals, being out in our neighborhoods and in the community.

Matt has gained the trust of many different people from many walks of life by being discreet, respectful, knowledgeable and
providing lots of encouragement to get people to use the services they need.

message rocksHe meets with community members in his office or at locations that are comfortable to them. After a thorough assessment, Matt recommends appropriate resources and referrals, or helps people complete forms such as SSI forms, rent assistance forms, and a variety of other often complicated applications.

Matt commonly interacts with other outreach workers as well as social service administrators at Hebron House and other community agencies.  Working with other groups allows him to provide the widest scope of available services to ensure that his clients take every opportunity to work towards self sufficiency and stability.

Matt also assists people who are navigating their way through the application process for Social Security Income. He works patiently with applicants, doing the intake paperwork and requesting the needed medical records. His goal is to make the whole process just a bit easier, therefore expediting it and shortening the time it takes to get the first payment.  This expedited process often means that community members are able to get into safe and stable housing faster.




Thank you Harley Davidson Foundation for supporting the 2016 Outreach Program.