Emergency Shelter


An emergency shelter is a place for people to live temporarily when they cannot live in their previous residence.

By the time people come to Hebron House of Hospitality, Inc, they have exhausted every other option.  They have tried to bail themselves out.  Many have imposed on friends an family until those relationships broke apart.  Some may have even resorted to living in their car or a hidden place.  When they have lost hope, they come to Hebron House of Hospitality, Inc, expecting very little.

Hebron House of Hospitality, Inc offers a safe place to land.  A safety net.  A place to heal, to regroup, to plan a path forward.  We provide Home, Help, and Hope.

Hebron House of Hospitality has two emergency shelters:

Hebron House1. Hebron House, which is located at 812 N. East Avenue Waukesha, WI.  Hebron House serves approximately 35 people every night of the year.  Hebron House serves single adult women and a wide variety of families.  The average stay is 32 days, but can be along as 45 days.



Siena House Shelter 2. Siena House located at 1519 Summit Avenue Waukesha, WI. Siena House serves approximately 18 single adult males in a program that we call Outside In Program.  To learn more about the program click here.



While in shelter, each guest meets with our Program Case Manager within days of entering.  During their case management meeting, their needs are assessed to see where assistance can be given. The goal of our Case Managers is to work with guests and create individualized plans to resolve the issues that either caused homelessness or that may be jeopardizing their housing.