Case Management

case mange chart

The Purpose of Case Management Service

Our Case Management Services have been in place since since 1991. The goal of our Case Managers is to work with guests and create individualized plans to resolve the issues that either caused homelessness or that may be jeopardizing their housing.

Case Management is an essential element in assisting families and individuals in becoming independent and getting into safe and stable housing.

The Role of Our Case Managers

  • Work with each client to create an invidualized plan to address the physical and emotional needs of the client.
  • Work with a household or invididual to determine what resources are needed to reach their goals.
  • Assess and identify those resources.
  • Assist in obtaining the needed resources.

The mission of each case manager is to provide the opportunities for people to establish individualized goals, make positive steps toward accomplishing those goals and take positive steps towards self sufficiency.