What’s Happening at Hebron House

July 25, 2014

On occasion, we get the most wonderful thanks for the work we do. I am certain most of our guests are grateful; still, we sometimes receive a special thank you. This week, it is from a young woman who has really struggled to make her life better. It does take a bit of work and support from people who care, like our hard-working staff at the shelters, our case managers and even the great interns we get from area colleges and universities. It’s not always about getting “stuff,” but rather the people believing in our guest, instilling hope that the future can be better.

Feeling overwhelmed by Hebron’s compassion and genuine care, she broke down in tears when she called to thank her case manager. She says for the first time in a long time she “feels free, free to move not only into her own place, but free to rebuild her life.”

That’s the kind of thanks that makes all our hard work worthwhile. All of us here at Hebron House of Hospitality are going to have an even brighter weekend filled with the knowledge that this young woman is on her way to a promising future.

June 18, 2014

What’s on your mind this June?

Are you thinking of the approaching vacation and dreaming of taking it easy? Are you planning on camping and looking forward to “roughing it”? Are you planning another trip to Disneyland? Are you wanting to spoil your children in every way you can while they are on vacation this summer?

We at Hebron House of Hospitality are thinking and dreaming too. We are wondering how we are going to make ends meet with the house now bursting at the seams with children on vacation. No trips or fun on are on their agendas while off from school. Some are going to be “camping out” in their parents’ car for the summer because the family doesn’t have enough for rent. But they have been “roughing it” for a while anyway all in one bedroom at the shelter. At least while they stay at the shelter they have food, running water and the occasional fun.

Please consider making a gift to Hebron House. Use the Donate Now button to help our guests have a better summer! –Bernie Juno, Executive Director

May 12, 2014

One of the very best things that a development director gets to do is meet our donors; that’s a serious perk to my job. I had the great pleasure to meet the wonderful gentleman, in every sense of the word, Bill Petranech. Bill, who approved we disclose his name, is our first donor on our updated recurring plan. Previously, he helped Hebron every time we called upon our community for support. We always sent him the next month’s envelope, but now it comes automatically from his account each month. He encourages others to do the same!

Think about it. Even a small, recurring donation really adds up.

Anyway, having lunch with Bill was a treat. We talked about his life, I told him a bit about mine. I thanked him so much for his support, he thanked us for the work we do. Talk about a win-win! Bill is 86 years young and drives every day for Interfaith. I look forward to our next meeting.

Working with donors is a pleasure, but working with our guests is so satisfying too. Here’s a bit of a thank you letter from a recent guest:

I came to the Hebron shelter after relocating back to Waukesha. I had planned to stay with family and get back on my feet, however, that plan didn’t
work and I ended up homeless. When I came to the shelter, the staff was very helpful and patient with me as I adjusted to a new living situation. I
began looking for work immediately and got two part-time jobs. I spoke often with the staff at Hebron House about my progress, my concerns and sometimes
just to have a friendly person to listen to me and go to for advice. I was comfortable with the staff, and was confident that they were trustworthy and
helpful. I was provided with many helpful resources and necessities in order to obtain my goals, both personally and professionally. Both myself and
other family members have supported Hebron House over the years never realizing that I myself would ever be a guest!

I feel fortunate to have had a safe and friendly environment to stay while I got back on my feet. I have obtained my own apartment recently. I wish all
the staff and future guests well. Thank you for everything.

And this is so much the reason why we do what we do. All of us here thank you for whatever way you support Hebron. Whether financially, volunteering, donation drives, or making meals, it all adds up!

We hope everyone who has ever provided some form of mothering to another experienced a happy Mother’s Day.

February 17, 2014

It’s Monday morning and I just got done with making a bunch of thank you telephone calls. This is one of the very best things about my job. I love talking to people, thanking them for their support and maybe finding out a little about the motivation behind that support. For the most part, the motivation is gratitude on their part! People are grateful for the work we do, the care and concern that Hebron House gives to homeless men, women and children. Some of our donors just can’t imagine what it’s like to have no home to go to, to not know where the next meal is coming from, to not have a safe place for the kids to sleep. Our donors have big, compassionate hearts– but no way to solve these problems. But by supporting Hebron House our supporters DO have a way to solve these problems. It’s a win-win situation. Donors support us, we help the homeless – everyone wins!

I was just talking with a donor. She asked, “How much success do you actually have?” Well, last year we served 652 families, and only 17 came back for a second time. That’s a really good success rate. Most of our guests take full advantage of all the resources and support we give. We therefore have a great success rate for finding housing and maintaining it. “That’s just beautiful,” said the donor. And it is!

Take care. The weather is warming up– and that’s good too.

February 7, 2014

First of all, let me introduce myself: Irene Perez, Development Director for all fundraising efforts. Glad to meet you!

I’ll be writing this blog hopefully every Friday, so that you can all get to know Hebron House, who we are and what we do just a little bit better. I’m going to keep this fairly informal, sort of chatty and just pretend that whoever is reading is right in front of me.

It’s been a good week here. I’ve been able to get the Valentine mailing out– check out the link on our home page. The men’s emergency response shelter (overflow shelter) has been full to capacity and beyond because of the unrelenting cold weather. I can’t thank all the Waukesha churches enough for providing meals, toiletries, blankets, etc. What would we do without you?

Our two family shelters and our Jeremy House have also been really busy since the beginning of winter– so many more families with children are coming to us. But a good thing is that in 2013 we served 562 families and only 17 had to come back a second time. That’s amazing! Our staff and programs are effective. We’ve created a great model for helping people in the immediate crisis, then assisting them to get into permanent housing.

Just got a call from one of “our” churches who have been providing meals, and the meal committee told people to turn in receipts for whatever food supplies people were buying to make the meals. Well no one turned in any receipts, which means the budgeted money is going to directly help with the shelter operations! Now, that’s cool and one of the reasons I love working here. Hebron House is like a large, extended family…everyone working together to serve people who need us.

Until next week, stay warm and have a great weekend!