How We Do It

Provide basic needs (shelter, food, clothing) to people of Waukesha County in a housing crisis.

Find a permanent solution to ending homelessness in Waukesha County. We provide short term assistance to homeless people. On average, over 100 people are served a day in our four shelters. Still, we strive to find long term solutions to homelessness through our expediting the Social Security Benefits program, case management, financial counseling and our payee program. To learn more about our services click here.


  1. Hebron House: 262-549-8722 | 812 N. East Ave. Waukesha, WI
  2. Siena House Shelter: 262-549-8732 | 1519 Summit Ave. Waukesha, WI
  3. Jeremy House: 262-549-8735 | 1301 E. Moreland Ave. Waukesha, WI
  4. Outside In Program: 262-424-4589

Hebron and Siena Houses serve homeless adult women and families. The Jeremy House serves homeless adults that have been diagnosed with a mental illness. The Outside In serves single males. 

 Trends & Statistics of Services

  • Total Nights of Shelter for 2011 was 22,787 an increase of almost 32% since 2010
  • Over 300 families had to be turned away because there was not enough room in the shelters
  • The average length of stay at the shelters decreased 13% over 2010
  • There were almost 600 volunteers that helped the Hebron House in 2011 in some capacity
  • There were just over 3,000 people served last year by services provided by the Hebron House

Click Here for detailed 2011 Statistics