Statistics & Results

WHO ARE THE HOMELESS IN OUR COMMUNITY? turn away faceThe distance between having a home and being homeless is very short.  An illness without insurance to cover costs, the loss of a job, an emotionally or physically unsafe living situation, suffering from mental illness...any of these factors can cause an individual or family to enter a housing crisis. In 2012, 34% of Waukesha County households were considered low-income...that is a significant number of households where the potential of a housing crisis may be incurred. HOW WE ARE LIVING OUR MISSION... stats Hebron House is Waukesha's largest homeless shelter serving, on average serving over 2,000 men, women and children each year. Since the average length of stay in our two family shelters is 30 days, that translates to 16,000 nights of shelter provided in 2012.  And did you know that 30% of those we serve are children...and that the number of families needing shelter has increased since 2000? RESULTS... The good news is, that over 80% of the individuals and families we serve are able - utilizing our unique, holistic services - to obtain permanent housing and reach home stability. All these numbers and statistics plainly add up to the fact that Hebron House of Hospitality is a very needed organization...and we are happy to serve!